Scratch Genie Kit




Improve the appearance of scratched or scuffed surfaces glass using Scratch Genie's polishing kit. This Diamond Polishing Paste can remove light scratches from all types of glass including mineral crystal, hardlex glass, gorilla glass & sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is the hardest of all types of watch glass and is often used on the most expensive types of watches such as a Rolex Submariner. (We advise that repairs to watch glass on expensive brands such as Rolex should always be carried out by a professional.) Scratch Genie can also be used to remove scratches from cell phone & tablet screens, smart watch faces, headlights / headlamps, car windscreens, scooter windscreens and many other glass products:


  • Windscreens / windshields
  • Watch faces
  • Gold & silver jewellery
  • Marble / granite surfaces
  • Glass surfaces
  • Mobile phone screens
  • Tablet screens
  • Hardlex glass
  • Gorilla glass
  • Sapphire crystal


Kit Contents


  • 1 Tube Kit: Scratch Genie polishing paste x1, 8mm polishing bob, instructions leaflet
  • 2 Tube Kit: Scratch Genie polishing paste x2, 8mm + 20mm polishing bob, instructions leaflet

Instructions for Use


  • First use masking tape to protect any areas of the surface you do not wish to be polished
  • Apply a small amount of polishing paste to the scratched surface
  • Using the felt polishing bob, rub in a circular motion using a power tool or dremel
  • Work the polishing bob over the scratch, applying more polishing paste as needed
  • Repeat until the scratch is no longer visible
  • Deeper scratches will generally take longer and require more polishing paste
  • *Be aware that polishing glass can generate heat, excess heat may cause glass to crack
  • This product is sold for home use on a do-it-yourself basis. We accept no liability for personal injury or damage to goods arising from mis-use.
  • Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • We do not guarantee that Scratch Genie can remove any scratch, deep scratches may need to be repaired professionally or the glass replaced. This product is not suitable for use on chipped or cracked glass.

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